How To Become A Sponsor

  • Team Denmark, Elite Athlete.
  • Århus Riffelskytte Klub, sponsorship towards World Cup Milan 2008.
  • Patricia Satter, sponsorship towards World Cup Milan 2008.
  • Reflex Shooting, sponsoring of Häring Shooting range.
  • Århus Skytteudstyr, transportation and support to many danish national competitions.
  • HearPRO, sponsoring earplugs and other financial aspects.

Helpful clubs and people, that i personally would like to thank.

Shooting Clubs
  • Højby Skytteforning, 1995-2001
  • Asnæs Skytteforening, 2001-2004
  • Svinninge Skytteforening, 2005-Current (still shooting 50metres Small bore)
  • Århus Riffelskytte Klub (ÅRK), 2005-Current (shooting all other deciplines)
  • SV op de Korrel, 2009-Current
  • BSG Stadtwerke Nordersted 2007-2009 (shooting Regionalliga in Germany)
  • KKS Nordstemmen 2009-Current (shooting Regionalliga and Bundesliga in Germany)

  • Helle Myrhøj Andersen & Vagn Dalgaard Andersen, for beeing there, supporting me and sponcoring.
  • Lene Skovbo Nielsen, Højby Skytteforening, for beeing a good friend.
  • Lars Lund, Asnæs Skytteforening (now Tuse Skytteforening), for coaching me.
  • Lone Johanson, Jyderup Skytteforening, for coaching me.
  • Steen Rossander, Hørve Skytteforening, for supporting me.
  • Morten Didriksen, Holbæk Skytteforening, for coaching me.
  • Erik Brix Laursen, ÅRK, for coaching and supporting me.
  • Henning B Clausen, ÅRK, for coaching me.
  • Klavs Jørn Christensen, previous National Coach, for coaching me.
  • Benny Jørgensen, Grænseegnen, for supporting me.
  • Arno Brinkman, SV op de Korrel, for supporting me.
  • Patricia Satter & Cor van Putten for supporting me.
  • Leif-Steinar Rolland, National Coach, for coaching me.

I may have forgotten some people, and also may add some later on. If you feel I have forgotten to add you, just let me know ;)
  Would you be interested in sponsoring me, just send an email with the subject and purpose, and we will find an agreement.

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