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In Denmark we currently have 2 organisations;
  • DDS (De Danske Skytteforeninger) which is the biggest one, and have thier main focus on the wide/spread shooting sports, all can participate and need a chance of winning. More classes for each event so all have equal chance of beeing the best in thier class. They have specific rules and do not follow the rules of ISSF.
    Big competetions count; Danish Championships (even its not the true Danish Championships) Prize Weapons (Competetion for the "Youth" shooters where the first prize is a Weapon you can only win this competetion once) Bisley for the "juniors" and Nordic Championships on Bigbore and Nationmatch between Denmark vs Sweden on Smallbore.
  • DSU (Dansk Skytte Union) which is the far smalest one, and have thier main focus on the elite, if you cant stand loosing its not thier problem, then you just have to get better. Classes for each event as we know them internationally. Following the rules of ISSF. They dont got the funds but get supported by Team Denmark.
    Big competetions count; Danish Championships, Nordic Championships, European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games and the World Cups.

I started shooting in the fall of 1995 with Smallbore Riffle because my best classmate in comprenhensive school said i had to try shooting, i was so scared when i tried shooting for the first time, almost pieing my own pants, it was scary standing with a weapon that could kill people. I was better than the most of my classmates and started going the regulary. In this local club (Højby Skytteforening about 1,5kilometres from my parents home) i learned most of the basic details and we traveled around for the small local competetions which of those i won the most with a maximum score of 200 points with the Smallbore Riffle. They where only shooting within the DDS organisation and i have never heard of the DSU (and ISSF) when i was shooting there. When i was 14 i was to old to be a child shooter and had to become a junior, learning to shoot prone, i was and have never been good at this and i was close to dropping out on shooting for good. And we were also to few to make a team in my club missing just one shooter to have a junior team.

I was offered to become a part of (Asnæs Skytteforening, about 17 kilometres from my parents home) when i was 15 to be the last shooter they missed to have a complete junior team, and i continued shooting. I started to be a little more serious about it and learned from my new coach that DSU was also existing. I also started to shoot with the Air Riffle for the first time. He learmed me to shoot Standing a few months before i aged 16. Ive won the regional championships a few years in a row when i was junior female, but the region of Zealand (Sjælland) is quite poor level compared to the national level of the female juniors, my best place at the national championships was number 7 with a score of 385 (385 was my best score ever as a junior female, most of my scores was between 370-380).

In 2005 I moved to a new club (Svinninge Skytteforening about 30 kilometres from my parents home) I'm shooting 50metres DDS for the club, and im still doing so. I finished my Technical Highschool Exam in the summer also, and didnt knew what education to choose, so i chosed to take 18 weeks of Sport College in Århus during the autumn of 2005, with the former National Coach of Denmark, Henning B Clausen as a coach.

Henning helped me put my training in more systematical, and offered me a spot on the club team he was chairman off. (Århus Riffelskytte Klub) I was to be team mates with Camilla Mikkelsen and Anni Bissø, both fairly good woman shooters and the year before they won the Danish Championships with the teammate i was to replace. I said to him that the ultimate dream would be to compete at the olympics, and he would help me setting goals to get there, and the first goal would be to qualify for the ECH in Moscow. I was shooting the qualifaction shootings (387-389 and the last of 397 (new personal record for competetion)) I had 0,5 points to little to qualify for the team comming in as number 4. But i catched the attention of the national coach (Klavs Jørn Christensen) we talked and he offered me to be a part of the "Elite" group under his supervision and training in Århus. I had to move to Århus to become a part of this, as the requirements is practicing atleast 4 times a week in Århus. (Moved to Århus around newyear 2005-2006)

In the spring 2006 i shoot 398 and 400 for the first time at practice. I also qualified 4th for the WCH in Zagreb and didnt go thier either, it looked a bit to hard and i was close giving up moveing back home, but i choosed not to. To continue fighting to become one of the best in Denmark.

Autumn 2006 i had a bad start on the season, but slowly builded up my results, i started the qualification shootings for the ECH Deauville in the lead, to due i was leading the Danish rankings, but ended up number 3 to due quite bad qualification shootings. I started my first international travels during the winter of 2007 for preperation for the ECH going to Swedish Cup, Baltic Cup, IWK München and IWK Wiesbaden, provieng my qualification shootings was just bad shootings but i could still do the results at the bigger competetions (Atleast considered my level at local competetions in Denmark) I shoot 400 for the second time during practice a week before going to the ECH. I shoot 394 in Deauville and placed number 21 in the better 3rd of the group which was my goals before i left Denmark. the result qualified me to shoot the WC München on June 2nd 2007 where i had 395.

Autumn 2007 start of the current season i started shooting 395-396 at the competetions for the rankings and leading the danish rankings for 10metres Air Riffle again. I broke my personal record shooting 398 at a small competetion in November 2007. A week later i was shooting 400 for the 3rd time at practice. I had again poor qualification shootings for the ECH Winterthur, but better than last year and my rankingscores dragging me upwards made me come in second for the qualification. I have been shooting 397 x 4 times at competetions since January (1st at Swedish Cup, 2nd at local competetion 1 week before InterShoot and 2 times at the InterShoot)  putting me in quite good shape for the upcomming ECH, so i expect to do better than last year, but no predictions. I finished up as number 14 at the ECH Winterthur, and also just finished competetions at the World Cups, Munich and Milan with decent points and placements. So my dear competitors out there, watch out for me, because im comming rapidly fast from the buttom to beat your butts ;)
  Personal Facts:
Name: Stine Myrhøj Andersen
Day of birth: 16th January 1985
Gender: Woman
Place of birth: Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark
Hometown: Bemmel, the Netherlands
Height: 168cm
Matrial Status: In a Relationship
Children: None
Higher education: Marketing Management AP Degree
Profession: Student
Languages: Danish, English basic German and a little Dutch

Sport Related Facts:
Other sport activities: Boxing, cycling, crosstraining, fitness
Club: Århus Riffelskytte Klub, Svinninge Skytteforening, in Germany, KKS Nordstemmen and in the Netherlands, SV op De Korrel
Start of competing: National in 1996 and International in 2007
Practised shooting since: 1995
Coach: Leif-Steinar Rolland and Henning B Clausen
National Coach: Leif-Steinar Rolland
Handedness: Right
Master Eye: Right
Deciplines: Riffle
Events: 10metres Air Riffle, 15metres Air Riffle, 15metres Sma
ll bore, 50metres Small bore