Training has begun...

Yes, as most people know i have the last 2-3years with the main focus on Air Riffle, been taking yearly "summerbreaks from shooting" This year the holliday began the day after i shoot the World Cup in Milan, until tuesday 12th of August - a timespand of 2½ months.

So yeah back on the track tuesday and wednesday just getting used to the riffle again, and finding out where i have to start build up my position again, so im ready for the first competetions in October. The positive experience have clearly been that i still find it easy to shoot tens, even though i havent been shooting for 2½ months, so less to catch up before the season start, but that does not mean less training!

From the 8-10th of August i was on a short visit to a smallbore competetion on 50metres, where my good friend had the opinion i should come and participate, though mainly in the "shooters party" saturday evening. I had good company and some nice days, but must admit that shooting smallbore says me even less now than it did 2years ago, i have the opinion i would have enjoyed my weekend equally well without the riffle, but maybe have missed an aspect of the weekend.

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Posted on: 15/08/2008

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