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A lot of things have happened during the month of January and February, and once more I may apologize for not updating more often as I did promise last year. The first weekend of January went with celebrating my birthday and sending the first load of my personal belongings by car to the Netherlands, for the final move.

 On the 11th of January I had to shoot in the Regional Liga in Heede, Emsland where I won both of my matches the first match against SGi Steinkirchen where I had 397 against 387. The second round we where meeting BoKuRiTra were I shot 393 against 380, so that match I also won, sadly the team lost both team matches 2:3. That situation would force us to have to win against SB Freiheit when we meet them in the Regional Liga Final in Norderstedt 2 weeks later.

The 3rd weekend of January I spend by celebrating my  24th birthday, which means I have now been alive for 24 winters *sigh* time goes really fast, I don’t feel that there have already passed a year since my last birthday but according to the dates it have. After my birthday was celebrated we packed the last of my belongings in Arnos car, and drove to the Netherlands, goodbye good old Denmark…

We lost to SB Freiheit, but I won my 7th match out of 7 possible this season in the Regionalliga, my goal has been reached both with winning all 7 matches and by increasing my average score from last year. Unfortuately this final loss also with 2:3 points have forced BSG Stadtwerke Nordersted to move down to the Verbandsliga in the coming season, and I have therefore signed a contract with KKS Nordstemmen who has a team in the Bundesliga and Regionalliga Nord  For the following season, I have been most pleased with my stay with BSG Stadtwerke Norderstedt and I owe them great thanks for some of the aspects I have learned about shooting in the German Ligas, they have treated me with the outmost respect.

5th weekend of January brought me to the IWK in München, I had horrible matches of 394 and 392. Im not really sure what happened during the matches, but sunday i went to the shootingrange to practice on Scatt to figure out my faults, I found that i was comming to fast into the target and also shooting a bit to late, which would explain some of the very wierd shots i experienced.

Then it became February and InterShoot in the Hague was calling for my participation. InterShoot was a very interesting competition this year aswell from where i yet once more learned alot of aspects around myself and shooting. I got a medal of each color. Saturday my range was broken and i had to move to a new shooting stand, and sunday my neighbours stander felt to my back and a few minutes after that was a powercut in my end of the shooting stands. So if i can shoot 398 with alot of disturbing suroundings then what cant i do ;) InterShoot gave me alot of selfconfidence which i was lacking of during the month of January. During InterShoot i also found a new sponsor in Reflex Shooting, who have decided to sponser me with a Häring Electronical Shooting Range for the club, so now i just need to be able to set it up there ;)

the 2nd weekend in February I was shooting the Dutch District Championships at our homerange, with the score of 397, so i felt really fit for going to the European Championships in Prague the following weekend. During the week before the departure i also had some really nice trainings. During the competition in Prague i have difficulties watching my back sighter and it causes me to do several aiming mistakes which i get 9's but when there is no mistakes i shoot utter innertens, which shows that my general shape is okay. I ended up shooting 393 with 100 in the last 10, and 30 innertens, placing 28th. It has to be said of the ranges in Prague that they did not meet the requirements set by ISSF when it comes to light, it was far to dark there, but you can also see that on the general scores.

The last weekend of February i was invited to shoot on a District/Region Team in the Netherlands which shoot against the 3 other districts. In the first round i only have 392 and having issues finding my position which i certainly get recovered for the 2nd round where i have 397.

Last weekend i competed at the Danish Championships, ending up with silver for both individual and teams. I shoot 26 sighters in 30min and convinces myself that i need to get started and just trust in that i can do this. I shoot a 9 in my first shot, and get myself back up running though with no decent phase between the shots. the two mid series are perfect, i shoot when its on the target at the first time posible, and only very few times i break in the shoot to take a new aim, for the last serie i notice i only got 14 minutes left, and rush myself through it causes me to make stupid mistakes, overall i end up with 98-100-100-97, and had 2 points to catch in the final, which i only catch by 0,6 decimals so i take the silver.

The rest of March will invite me to IWA in Nürnberg which is a big place for all shooting traders to meet and see the newest ideas from the manufactures, Arno is going there with his program and i get to follow. Im gonna see if i can get tempted for the money i dont have, or maybe find a sponsor? ISAS in Dortmund is a bit less than 2 weeks from now, and im unsure if i can reach to get my new shooting set fit for that, so i will most likely compete in my old set, and wait with competing in the new before around ISC Hannover.

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Posted on: 11/03/2009

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