A very busy December 2008

Since the European Qualifyer i have been very busy with my exams. I passed my Oral exam and im still awaiting results from my written exams. Therefore I have to admit that I have hardly trained in December, I think ive been 3-4 times to the shooting raange before New Year and 3 times after.

I had to say no to compete in the Sweedish Cup and the Nordic Championships because of written exams in the beginning of January. Between the exams i have trained a little bit to get back in touch with my riffle before this weekends Regional Liga in Heede/Emsland. I had 399 at training and im fairly pleased that i still have my level before the Christmas hollidays, but this doesn't mean that im suppoesed to take any long breaks as i see fit. When im moving to the Netherlands next week im going to occupy the shootingrange of SV Op de Korrel until i depart for the IWK München. Even though there is no Kvotas available before 2010 for the OG in London, I still want to bring very nice and decent results on the international shooting ranges.

I dont know what to say about the team i shoot for in the Regional Liga. This weekend we lost both our matches again :( and both matches where lost 2:3 and both matches in the very last shots. I can almost rip my hair out. Personally i cant complain about my results, in the first round i had stable 100-99-99-99 and won my match with 10 points towards 387. In the second round i also won my match with 99-100-96-98 (with an 8 :S) towards 380.

Beside that the month of January will also be very busy and i will try to keep you updated. At the 24-25th there is Norderstedt Open and Regional Liga final in Norderstedt. The weekend after IWK Müunchen and then the month of February is on the doorstep.


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Posted on: 11/01/2009

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