Masters and ECH Qualifier

Masters was an interesting weekend and contained a combination of a feeling of failure and success, normally you would just have one of the two.

After to much trouble on the German highway to Denmark we finally arrived in Århus way to late, around 2.50AM, so I was most pleased that the first match and our first round of the ECH qualifier first started at 1PM. I had time to sleep a little, and yet once more I need to thank Rikke for borrowing a sleeping possibility at her apartment. The first match came out with an average result of 395, so my current ECH qualifier is 397 including my 2 best ranking results, and the ECH qualifier needs to be above 396 to be considered, so I’m optimistic.

Then all the troubles started in my second match, I ended up with 388 and I felt I deserved a lot more, I couldn’t tell the difference between a 9 and a 10, I felt I was shooting a lot good tens, but every time the target returned and told me it was a 9,9-9,8. After the match I talked with my coach about the aspects in my shooting that might have gone wrong, and even though I was depressed with my score I yet felt more optimistic for the last match we had to shoot Sunday.

Sunday started with some decent sighters and I felt ready to start the match, first shot was a 9 and I knew it was supposed to be a 9 because I obviously could se that I made a huge mistake. But the second shot felt good but also returned 9, and so did the 2 following shots, to be honest my minds first thought was "Oh God a repeat from yesterday’s failure..." I left the range and went out talking with my coach. Yet we went over some possibilities in my shooting and what could cause the problems. We came to 2 possibilities, my hip position now when have changed some other things in my position such as my feet, can cause the hips to stand a little differently, but also it could be my rifle that had the problems, based on the speed of pellets and how the pellets where grouping. Knowing this I went back to the shooting range to finish of the match. I ended up with 394 with the series divided on 95-100-99-100, so yet again a little optimistic but still going home with the purpose to retest my tested pellets and the speed of my Air Rifle.

Masters ended with a final of the 8 best shooters, where I went in the final as number 4, 2,5points behind number 1. After a good stable final of 10 x innertens resulted in a final score of 104,9 and a Gold medal, which surprised me quite a bit. But I’m very happy…

Back in the Netherlands I got some test arranged for my Air Rifle by testing both speed and the group collection. The speed was ranging in 3-4m/s which is not completely optimal and the group collection of the pellets was awful, you should not believe they where tested for my rifle at all. Based on the spread it would be possible to shot a 10,2 but just be awarded 9,9… Several tests showed the same outcome, so the decision was to try giving my rifle a chemical bath, to see if that would cause any difference. And it did, suddenly my rifles goes stable with speed and only range 1m/s, going faster but the shot groups are also a lot better. Though I had to discover during these tests that my newly tested pellets have some single pellets in-between which goes bad, and that is not acceptable at my level, so I have to contact H&N about this.

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Posted on: 09/12/2009

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