Time is rushing by...

The whole month of November has almost passed by now and time in general seem to go so fast these days. Alot of things also have happened during November which could be the reason I feel that the month allready have come to an end.

In the beginning of November I left for 12days to Denmark, where I had to do quite a few things. This time I had choosen to take the plane home to Denmark via Amsterdam - Copenhagen where my parents was so kind to pick me up and drop me off on the respektive flight dates. That also gave the benefit that I reached to have 2 days with them, and every opportunity I get I should use.

On the 7th of November I was shooting in the Danish Liga with ÅRK, which is my Danish Club. In the Danish liga we shoot 60 shots instead of the more know 40 shots from the German Liga. We won both matches with the team, and on the first 40 shots i had 397 and 396, which is decent.

On the 9th of November I had my final exams, I passed them and went from beeing a student to unemployed, leaving me plenty of time for shooting inbetween the job search unless I choose to study further which I yet have not decided.. So now I have a fancy AP degree title to put after my name if I desired that, but geez, what length of visitcards i then would need *phew* Consider following: "Stine Myrhøj Andersen, AP degree in Marketing Management and Economics"

From the 13-15th of November we had a training camp in Århus for all the Air Rifle shooters with the National Team supported by Team Denmark. During the training camp we had discussions about preperation for competitions, competition strategies and tactical planning. The schedule for the season 2010 was also run through, and when I have the final confirmation for the competition dates I have to shoot these will be added to my competition calender.

During the time i was in Århus I was so lucky it did fit with the time frame where Leif-Steinar also would be in Århus, so i reached to have alot of quality hours of training, including some also funny moments ("lulululululu"). Now here almost 2 months after we started on some new ways of training i can finally see the fruit is ready to be harvested.

Saturday the 21st of November i was in Hamm, Germany, to shoot the 3rd round of Bundesliga, we where meeting SG Hamm which was 2nd in the Liga at the moment where we where positioned 4th. I lost with one point to my competition, but the Team won, bringing us one step closer to the Bundesliga Finale in Coburg!

This week started with me going to the shootingrange monday fiddleing with my shooting position and the length between my feet. My position is now more narrow, and suddently it takes alot less energy for me to keep and maintain focus on the actual job I have to perform. This have resulted in some very nice training sessions throughout this week.

On the 24th I had to shoot the AK, which is the Dutch shortning of the Area Championships, I equalled my competition record by shooting 399 with 35 innertens. Last time i had 399 was last year during the  qualification for the ECH in Praha, CZE. It was a very nice match and I was constantly aware of what was happening, it actually felt very easy and normal for me to shoot so well. So I'm finally back on track.

This comming weekend I will again be in Denmark to shoot the Masters, where the first match is also used for the qualification for the European Championships in Meråker, Norway this comming March. The Masters contains of 3 matches, where two is shot saturday and one is shot sunday, the avarare of these 3 matches will create your final score result and based on that avarage the 8 best shooters will enter the final. Based on the previous week of training and experiences my selfconfidence level is extremly high, so watch out :D

And then finally I'm ahead this year, all the christmas pressents are bought :P

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Posted on: 27/11/2009

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