Bundesliga in Koblenz

As mentioned in one of the first blog entries this year, my old Regional Liga team had to move down from the Regionalliga to the Verbandsliga, so i decided it was time to say goodbye to my teammates in search for a new team that could meet my requirements and expectations. Through the manager of my old teaml, BSG Stadtwerke Norderstedt, i got the contacts with the trainer and manager for the Bundesliga team, KKS Nordstemmen, with whom i signed a contact for the season of 09/10.

The previous weekend was my very first matches in the Bundesliga, and i got to meet my new team for the first time. Saturday i woke up to early with alot of small butterflies flying around in my stomach just looking forward to what was gonna happen, at the same time beeing a little nervous if i couldnt meet the expectations the team members may have to me. My new team is great and joyful, it was quite fast agreed on the fact they where there to have fun even if we would loose a match, but yet it is ofcause more fun if you win.

Our first match was against TUS Hilgert, were i had to shoot against Thomas Hoche, whom i beat by 395 against 393. My first shot of this match didnt want to leave the riffle, i was awfully nervous, more nervous than i would ever be shooting a large A-competition such as a World Cup or a Championship. When it finally left the rifle i had a 10.0 and i felt all releifed. I finished off the first serie with nice 100 and the spectators went crazy praising me. What an amazing feeling and rush this gives. In shot 39 i had a 9.9 and at the time i knew i needed to shoot a 10 to win the match, because Thomas Hoches result was for 394 at the current status. I was under the aiming constantly thinking "Must be 10, Must be 10!" and i shot, it felt perfect, I looked at the screen and a very pretty 10.9 was located... What a relief and what a rush it gave me!  Our Team won 3-2 against TUS Hilgert.

Sunday we had to shoot against Post Telekom Düsseldorf. They also have a new aquisition to the team, a dutch shooter named Peter Hellebrand, which i unfortualtley lost against 391 to his 393. But the most important was that our team still won total also this match 3-2 against Post Telekom Düsseldorf.

So the overall sum up on shooting in the Bundesliga is that it cannot really be described unless you experience the atmostphere there live, it is amazing and so different from what you normally combine with shooting. The preassure on the shooters are also different, from shooting regular competitions. And yes, I had FUN!

The comming weekend will be containing 2 matches for the 2nd Team of KKS Nordstemmen in the Regionalliga in Oosterode. We have to shoot against SV Roland Bad Bramstedt and SB Freiheit. One of my team mates from the Danish National Team, Charlotte Jakobsen will be shooting for SB Freiheit in this season, so it looks like we are going to meet on sunday. From sunday til monday i will be staying at some new team mates place, because we have an appointment monday morning in Hannover Münden with Haendler and Natermann, im kinda running out of pellets.

Also I have finally gotten my Häring shooting range sponsored by Reflex Shooting, so now training really speeds up here in the Netherlands, more shooting and more exercises will hopefully show an impact on my shooting in a few months.

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Posted on: 29/10/2009

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