IWA, ISAS Dortmund and new National Coach

This blog entry is a bit delayed, actually 2-3 weeks almost compared to my plans, but other things have happened.

The IWA was amazing, a seriously mekka for people that interest them for shooting, hunting and collecting items within knives. IWA in Nürnberg is one of the biggest of its kind in our modern world, if not the biggest event. You have to be a manufacturer or in trades to get access and it is all done by invitations, i was most pleased to be invited with my boyfriend by Reflex Shooting, Netherlands.

The weekend after I was in Dortmund to shoot the ISAS. It was a very interesting match, where I had a bad start, but I came back after I stepped out of my position. I had a set plan before i entered the shooting range, and apparently I didnt follow my plans for the first 12 shots, so iIstepped out and told myself that I could do this better. Entering back in my position and started with a 10.1 followed by a 10.8 - then the goal was simple, I said to myself well now just easy 26 x 10s to go. And i did it :P The total score ended with 98-99-100-100 = 397. A print of the shootview can be seen here in PDF. This shows im a fighter, and i know i can go all the way, it is just to do it. I placed number 5 before the final and ended as number 8, everything considered it was a good qualification and a bad final, but a very good experience to have for future matches. ISAS in Dortmund is a place i will certainly compete next year unless im somewhere else shooting a World Cup, i dont think so though because it is so early in March, and World Cups normally dont start before begin april.

It has now also been confirmed that Leif-Steinar Rolland has become our new National Coach in Denmark. I welcome him as a coach and look forward to see what the work between us can bring me in the future. I certainly have a positive feeling about it, and what is most important is that he has no troubles with me not beeing in Denmark all the time with the rest of the Team, and that he is willing to collaborate with my other coach.

I have been awarded the Woman Throphy of the Danish Shooting Union, defining me as the best woman shooter (all events, rifle, pistol and skeet) during 2008. Unfortually i was not able to be at the General Assembly to recieve this prize

The comming weekend is easter and District/Region Team match here in the Netherlands, im yet once more invited to join the team, which i will do to get some more matches in my new shooting suit. It is still pretty stif, but i know have it measured, with special thanks to the KNSA for borrowing equipment, so it shouldnt be a problem with the requirements when its World Cup time in Munich and Milan.

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Posted on: 09/04/2009

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