November brought many things.

I must be completly honest and admit i have not updated as much as i have been suppoesed to do, for that im sorry. I will though not spare my few readers for my ups and downs during the month of November, I think that November have almost been the most interesting month this year, though February and May are hard to beat.

All the minor competitions in Denmark have not been very successful for me, only the one competetion in Rødovre where i shoot 397, by the means of 100-98-100-99. The rest of those matches have been ranging down between 391-394. I have been very busy figuring out my mistakes and the reason for the not optimal shooting. I came to a few conclusions without appologizing my results but hopefully i will learn from this instead, and it will make me stronger as a competitor, but also as a person.

During the month of November ive been very busy with mockexams and other school projects, before our final exams on the 3rd semester. Also another aspect that has been in my mind is that i had to decide if i wanted to move down to my Boyfriend in the Netherlands, and in that case when i would do it and also if i would get the support needed from the Danish Shooting Union, or if that would make it harder for me to reach my goals to compete in the OG 2012. Another aspect is that i have been very deffensive in my shooting, in the sense of beeing to focused on getting the results rather than the core aspects of shooting.

Last weekend, the 29-30th of November we had European Qualifyer friday + saturday and sunday i had to go to Germany to shoot Regional Liga in Braunschweig. The qualification friday was a mess and i still didnt shoot optimal, i was still doing my old bad habits, which is to be changed, but i learned from the lesson and improved saturday quite a bit.
Saturday i started out with 5 x 10's and then i had 9-9-10-9... Ok Stine now your starting to boil and get pissed off, your doing horible again, i went out of my position to get some air, and to make an agreement with myself, that i should keep focus on the core aspects of my shooting instead of the "bullshit" i was doing. I went back into my position and ended up with 97-100-98-100 finally a result I was satisfied with based on all the scores ive been doing lately, and the last two nines i could tell.
In the second round i had some decent sighters and started on the match, the first shot was a 9.9 and i knew again, saying to myself i had to put myself together, which i did, i shot 29 x 10's after that, and then getting a tiny bit nervious. I spend almost 20minutes on my last 10 shots, but it was worth it, ive experienced before that i got stupid nines based on mistakes because i wasnt observing my mistakes before i pressed the trigger. I also scored 100 in the last serie, making a total score of 99-100-100-100 which is also an equalled Danish Record, based on a record set in 1999 by Anni Bissø. When i came out of the range i was in some sort of adrenaline shock, i was stuttering when i spoke and my hands were shaking, i was slowly realising what i just did. Beat my own personal competetion score by 1 point aswell as equalling a Danish Record! WEE!!! Overjoyed and loads of selfconfidence.

Sunday was Regional Liga in Germany, i had to meet René Kristiansen in the first round, another Dane, and a very exciting match. I was almost nervous about it since i know that we are both fairly good shooters cable of shoting very nice scores, so it was hard from the beginning to tell who would win. I ended up beating René and he took it very good indeed, nothing changed and we both learned something from the match, though our team lost overall to SV Leuchtenburg. I also won my second round against BSG Braunschweig and the team also won, for the first time this season... geeez. To be honest im going to apply for a Bundesliga Team, i need greather challenges to be able still to continue devlopment of myself as a shooter.

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Posted on: 01/12/2008

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