October has ended...

And a new month of November has begun. Time goes so fast these days, im not sure if it is all the things that are happening in my life currently. Mock exams are comming up and in about a month all the real exams start and they must be passed. Also during a month of time we have the qualification for the European Championships.

To sume up on the results since my last blog entry then i was in Viborg and had a stable shooting of 99-99-99-99 = 396 and won the match. In Lind i did the exact same result as in Hamwarde with 99-97-99-99 = 394, and i have not seen the result list yet, though i believe that i also won that one. Then 2 weeks ago i was in Trehøje to compete and i ended up on the second place with 99-99-99-99 = 396. I personally believe these results could be far better considering the level of my shooting. But i should be satisfied with my good level of shooting on my "bad" days.

During the last 1-1½ weeks ive been having some very nice trainings, considering the 2 weeks where my trainnig was down to a minimum and so the results if i compare to my awsome training week in the Netherlands. But i found the things i was doring wrong and have more or less by now it all back on track. Also ive had yet a training session were i broke 400 points.

Last weekend i was in Germany to shoot Regional Liga for BSG Stadtwerke Norderstedt. We were to shoot in Oosterode, which is about 100km south of Hannover. I was picked up saturday by our team manager so i didnt had to get up before the devil sunday morning, and it was also the easist way for me when you look on transportation since i dont have a car. In the first round of the Regional Liga we were to meet SC Anschütz Lathen were i shoot 99-99-98-96 = 392 but won my match, though our team lost overall with just a single point to due we lost the shootoff. The second roung we were to shoot against SSG Bramgau were i shoot 98-98-100-99 = 395 and i won my match and also set a new lane record, but yeah the explanation is mainly that the lanes were brand new and renovated. The team lost overall again just with a single point.

The upcomming weekend is standing with 3 competetions to shoot; Skive, Hvidovre and Rødovre have thier competetions. And the weekend after there is also 3 competetions with one here in Århus and a double competetion in Ålborg.

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Posted on: 05/11/2008

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