The first competetions

I participated in the Danish Championships on 50 and 200metres in Vingsted the last weekend of september. Smallbore was horrible, but Bigbore went quite decent considering I havent been shooting bigbore at all for 2years. And our team even won the Silver Medal after the finals. I must admit I was pretty sore in the shoulders after that day because of the "tiny" difference between Air Rifle and Bigbore. My individual results determinded that i was not to shoot there sunday and did instead drive past Hamwarde in Germany sunday to shoot thier "35. Internationale Schießsportwoche"

Sunday i got out of the bed and packed the car together with Arno. off to Hamwarde on the way to Netherlands. Nothing much have changed at the range, beside i remember it was warmer up there last year. i shoot 99-97-99-99 = 394 during the match which i guess is an acceptable start on the season but is definantly below what the acceptable is for results this season. The conclusion on the match was i need to train my triggertechnique a bit more, it was lacking a tiny bit.

In the Netherlands i had the wonderful opportunity to train on the shootingrange of SV op de Korrel in Bemmel. I do owe the club management some thanks for this. I was training there tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Wednesday i even trained on Scatt with a very nice outcome here aswell, and the training sessions there was in general rahter good considering that it is still early in this comming season. I also reached having more focus on the trigger aspect, just because i do have a good trigger feeling doesnt mean i should neclect training it. On saturday the 4th of October i shoot thier competetion with the ending results of 100-99-99-98 = 396.

In the upcomming weekend is Viborg waiting for me, and saturday week 42 im going to Lind to shoot thier match.

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Posted on: 06/10/2008

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