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I must admit i have not update this as much as i wanted to do, i admit im sorry. The reason is that i have been very busy with my studies, but also is happening alot of things in the Danish Shooting Union. They have decided to change the structure and implement a Sport Chef to take care of the elite aspects of shooting. With all these structure changes there has been alot of confusion, and alot of things is not setteled, and the response the shooters get is; "That is for the new Sport Chef to decide." - in other words that means that we in periods have had to take care of our own training and structure it. Not like we can not do that, but it is just nice to know the coach is there so you can consult the coach with any problem you may have.

The trainings before this season is to start has been more focused on shooting alot of shots, to get back into the shape of stamina i used to have before the summer holiday. I started out with a testmatch about a month ago with the score of 397, which i dont complain about considering i havent touched a rifel for 2 months. I have though felt a missing consistency in my shots, i wasnt firm enough with getting the shot shot on time. Therefore the trigger point and the general feeling of the shot itself, it has all been under focus this week, and i ended up the week by shooting a testmatch today. A Testmatch that awarded me with a good score of 100-100-100-99 = 399 points. And the 9 i could even tell was placed at 7o'clock in shot 32....

All this zums up to the objective, beeing ready for the season to start. I have not fully decided yet if i will step by Hamwarde in Germany, but i will be shooting "Internationale open wedstrijd" in SV op De Korrel - Bemmel, before starting on all the good small Danish competitions.

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Posted on: 25/09/2008

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